More Religion In America

9 Mental Health Resources for the LatinX Community
This article outlines 9 resources specifically to support those in the LatinX community...
MultiAsian.Church: A Future for Asian Americans in a Multiethnic World
This book highlights strategies and models to minister in multiethnic Asian congregations....
SOLA Network Podcast
This Asian American church podcast provides insight and inspiration for a thriving...
Balm in Gilead
This nonprofit improves health and wellness for African Americans by spreading awareness in...
Gun Violence 101: Cheat Sheet Responding to the Call to Prevent Gun Violence
This short guide orients readers to the issue of gun violence, provides strategies, and...
Lessons On Youth Ministry In an Asian-American Context
This panel discussion has youth ministry insights from leaders in Asian-American churches.
Hospitality, Service, Proclamation: Interfaith Engagement as Christian Discipleship
This book addresses the Biblical “ why” and then “ how” to do...
The Racial Equity Torch
The Racial Equity Torch magazine contains stories of multicultural ministries in ethnically...
Interfaith Youth Core
This organization offers training and online learning to build interfaith leaders.
Interfaith Leadership
This book offers a straightforward framework to get started in interfaith collaboration.
Womanist Leadership Institute
These online courses teach about Black women and their legacy of leadership in theology and...
The Dex Davis Bible Study Curriculum
This animated children’ s series teaches Biblical values for kids in urban settings. ...
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