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Melissa Scarlett
Melissa is a graphic designer.
Smart Church Management: A Quality Approach to Church Administration
This concise book provides tips and tools on a variety of administrative topics ---...
This software program provides a simple way to turn websites multilingual and to translate,...
Responding to Gun Violence Concerns at Churches
This short article provides perspective and ideas for congregational security options.
From the Staff From the Staff
One Budgeting Idea when Funds are Scarce
Sometimes funds are scarce. God has created the world abundant with water, trees, blue skies and...
From the Staff From the Staff
Making Planned Giving Work
Planned giving doesn’t need to be a complicated challenge for your congregation. By following...
From the Staff From the Staff
A Dollar in the Offering
The ritual of making an offering to a congregation has changed over the years. In one...
From the Staff From the Staff
Interviewing Potential Clergy and Staff
It doesn’t matter if the workplace is a hospital or a grocery store, finding the right people is...
From the Staff From the Staff
Faith and Money
When I was young, I went to worship with my parents and six siblings. My stepfather prepared our...
The Equipping Church Guidebook
This biblically-based guidebook details a vision and strategy for implementing a...
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Facility and Building Maintenance
Every congregation needs somewhere to worship. Where two or more gather, someone needs to...
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